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When the Spiritual Malady Is Overcome

Also, tornados, hurricanes, droughts, fires, global warming, and war threaten us physically. Lack of clean soil, water, air, and lack of nutritious food are a threat to us. There are a lot of physical threats that can flip our physiology into a defense state. The idea is to look for a spiritual solution to an addiction problem, as this type of issue affects more than someone physically. Alcoholics Anonymous bases the 12-step program on 12 affirmations, or what they call 12 traditions. These expressions that help people recovering from addiction regain a spiritual footing once again.

definition of spiritual malady

There are many persons in recovery who are not interested in discussing or even hearing about spirituality. When the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous was written and published in 1939, the times and language of those times was incredibly different than modern times. This is one of the reasons that Big Book study groups have become so popular among recovering alcoholics. Apart from dissecting the Big Book so as to have a firmer grasp on the 12 Steps and program and in general, it also is designed to help us decipher the intricate language and wording used from a different time period. Old timers and recovering people with more experience can explain in layman’s terms just what the author Bill W. So therefore a spiritual malady is a separation or disconnect from spiritual things.

The Impact of the Spiritual Malady on Mental and Emotional Well-being

It may also require introspection, journaling, and reflection to gain insight into one’s own patterns of thought and behavior. By understanding the root causes, individuals can begin to dismantle the barriers preventing them from experiencing spiritual wholeness and aligning with their true selves. Sponsees typically do their Fifth Step, review their moral inventory written as part of the Fourth Step, with their sponsor. The Fifth Step, as well as the Ninth Step, have been compared to confession and penitence. My troubles are of my own making and arise out my living a life run on self-will.

This will allow them to undergo the required shift in thought that will free them from their addiction. However, that does not mean addicts are confronting this spiritual ailment by themselves. While an addict’s spiritual malady triggers a compulsive need to use drugs, other people’s spiritual conflicts 20 Natural Alcohol Detox Supplements and Vitamins may take the form of a gambling problem, anxiety, depression, or eating disorder. Addiction is a spiritual disease because it represents an individual’s attempt to disconnect from reality and any sense of spirituality. Simply put, they feel a terrible loneliness at their very soul or center of being.

What is Spiritual Malady?

An addiction is a habit that has taken root and is now attached to our physical bodies. We like to simplify it and say that a habit is just something that we’ve repeated enough times that it becomes so familiar that we do it on autopilot without thinking. A habit (as it relates to addiction) is something that we’ve yielded our spirit to again and again. It’s something that, like a lover, we’ve turned to for comfort, for peace, and for a false sense of happiness. We started looking to this thing as a way to fulfill a deep longing or pain within us. It provided instant, although temporary, relief from our current condition, and although we knew it was a fraud, we kept going back to it.

  • This will allow them to undergo the required shift in thought that will free them from their addiction.
  • Shameful secrets can fester in the dark recesses of our minds and inflame our hearts with recrimination and resentment.
  • This involves finding meaning and developing practices such as prayer, meditation, or service to others.

It is crucial to note that overcoming spiritual malady requires dedication and ongoing effort. One must remain vigilant of their thoughts and actions, embracing change, and practicing selflessness. Incorporating spiritual practices such as meditation and prayer, and fostering a loving and supportive community, can aid in this journey.

Real Meditation for Real Alcoholics

The spiritual malady of alcoholism is not unique to just alcoholics it is actually something that most people suffer from. The reason the spiritual malady of alcoholism is different than the spiritual malady for someone who isn’t an alcoholic, is that the alcoholic uses the drink or drug to deal with their spiritual malady in some way. Another significant factor that contributes to spiritual malady is the lack of connection with nature and the natural world. In today’s fast-paced, technology-driven society, many individuals have become disconnected from the earth, the elements, and the rhythms of nature.